Jim & Rosa


I enjoy working with my hands and preferably outside. Most of my items are from reclaimed wood or reused items. I first started doing this to help fund a mission trip for our whole family and found that I really enjoyed it. My family and friends were a big encouragement to me through the whole process of learning and growing in my abilities to work with different mediums. I am also reminded of my brother Russell, who passed away from cancer, each time I am in the garage or creating a piece with the tools he gave me. He was always wanting to see what I was making next and sending me ideas for my next project. It’s been a lot of fun to create things and see the way people enjoy the items we make.


I love my family and working close with them on whatever the project is. My tool preference is a computer! I am the official IT guy of ByersPlace and am kept very busy! The newest item in our tool belt is a laser cutter and I have enjoyed having the task of getting to know how to use it to its full potential. I have made boxes of every size and for just about every game that my family will let me, toys, puzzles, maps, etc. I enjoy technology, learning new things and puzzles.