Welcome to ByersPlace  

We are the Byers Family - A family of 4 with various gifts and creative passions. We love to share our custom designs of hand made items. Each is made by various members of our family. 

This space is intended to do just that.  To give you a peek behind how and what we are creating.  If you have any questions or want to place a custom order let us know. 

We are glad you're here,

Love, The Byers


Hello, we are Jim and Rosa Byers. Our primary passion is God and the people he created. We enjoy partnering with others to help them gain a new depth of focus on their vision and live out life to the fullest.  Since our wedding day, we have enjoyed this amazing journey together, looking forward to each day to see what's next.


Howdy! My name is Russ and I like to make new items out of old stuff. I enjoy taking used and discarded things and telling a new story with them. I’ve made planters from floppy disks, earrings from vinyl records, necklaces from skateboards, and a bunch of other random things. Personally, jewelry and small wearable projects are my favorite projects, but that's probably cause I really enjoy detail. Be sure to check my corner for new creations. They come often!

Hi! I’m Jordyn! I have been hooked on visual art ever since my mom taught me how to draw, and my love has only deepened with each art class I’ve taken. My favorite art piece I have done is a painting of a picture my brother took, but you will find a lot more than just paintings in my corner! It’s been said of me “she’s never found a medium that she didn’t like”. My dream is to one day own my own art studio and teach kids about art, but until then, I will just keep painting, stamping, folding, teaching, cutting, and sewing.